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Best Western Sonora Inn & Suites – Photos

Best Western Sonora Inn & Suites – Photos


At Best Western Sonora Inn & Suites, we know that you want the best of your holidaying and travel experience in Nogales, Arizona. Sometimes, you may not believe the word, however, when you see photos of our hotel facilities, rooms, fitness and training equipment, and rooms, you are able to get a broad view and conceptualization of what it feels like to stay at Best Western Sonora Inn & Suites. When seeking a long stays hotel Nogales AZ, these photos can show what we have in store for you and they are available at our gallery:


The rooms


A great hotel is as good as the rooms it offers. When it comes to deciding where you want to stay, you don’t want to find yourself pigeonholed in a tiny hotel room where you can’t enjoy every little bit of stay. At Best Western Sonora Inn & Suites, we value you as our guest and that’s why we have provided you with stylish, large-sized rooms to give you the humble space you desire to have during your stay. You can check our photo gallery sees what you expect to find in our rooms - a cabinet, cozy chair and table, a couch, TV set, Wi-Fi connectivity, and other amenities.


We also boast ourselves of offering complimentary breakfast in the mornings daily. The stylish hotel offers the comfort you need and you can enjoy the home experience away from home. Our hotel service team is top-notch and will give you the courtesy, respect, honor, and personalized service you need when enjoying your living accommodation Nogales AZ.


The Fitness Center


For those inspired to keep fit during that visit and stay at Best Western Sonora Inn & Suites, our fitness center comes with great facilities and amenities. There is weight lifting equipment to revamp your muscles. You also have other equipment like treadmills to work out your body. You will remain at your best shape and form when at our hotel - courtesy of our fitness center. And, you can check out the photos from our photo gallery to see the kind of equipment setup and space we provide for your fitness activities when residing at the best accommodation in Nogales.


Bathroom and Showers


Some of the interesting locations that visitors want to look at when they reside in a Nogales accommodation facility are the showers and bathrooms. At Best Western Sonora Inn & Suites, we have modern, stylish bathrooms designed to meet the needs of different individuals from those with mobility issues to those needing a touch of class and warmth when using the bathroom. Check our bathroom and shower photos to see what we bring in store for you.


These are some of the photos you will find from our photo gallery and are a reflection of the nature and kind of amenities and facilities we offer at Best Western Sonora Inn & Suites.


Visit us today and let’s make you feel at home!

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